Will God Also Abandon Me?

Those who have experienced abandonment often question their personal worth. They wonder if they are loved. For some, the feelings are haunting even years later. The question arises, “Will God also abandon me?” Maybe you have felt this way in the past. Maybe you feel this way now. You are not alone. And most assuredly, there are comforting answers to this burning, painful question.

What is abandonment?

Wikipedia lists similar words for abandonment: desertion, neglect, betrayal, rejection, and forsaken.

When my husband left me, I felt “abandoned”, rejected, and worthless. If you have gone through an unwanted divorce you may have had other feelings. If you feel brave, you are welcome to share those in the comments.

Children who were “given up for adoption” often feel a deep sense of abandonment from their biological mothers. It can be so profound they are blinded to the fact that their adoptive family went to great lengths to love them. Adoption is usually a costly process in terms of cash, time, and emotions.

Widows sometimes feel abandoned, even though most deaths are not preventable.

Children feel abandoned when their fathers are physically absent, emotionally distant, or mentally tied up in their jobs.

Employees sometimes feel abandoned when they have given 150% to their job, only to be passed over for a promotion.

Abandonment comes in many forms. The degree of felt distress varies from person to person. No matter how you package it, abandonment is emotionally painful.

Will God also abandon me?

feeling forsaken is not the same as being forsaken …despite deep sorrow and loneliness and fear, God does not forsake us–ever.” (1)

Feelings are not reliable. In fact, they frequently tell us lies. “The heart is deceitful above all things,” says Jeremiah 17:9. The evil one wants us to believe that God will abandon us.

The truth is that God created us for relationship, relationship with Him. That was the plan from the very beginning. When the sin of ingratitude consumed the first man and woman, a distancing of relationship began. God did not distance himself, but rather, the humans did as they hid from God.

The Bible has repeated passages telling us that God does not leave His people. (2) If you fear that God will abandon you, then ask yourself this question. Do I belong to God through a relationship with Jesus? If the answer is yes, then feelings of abandonment are false.

Do you know Jesus personally? If not, won’t you make a decision today to join God’s forever family? Will you call or text 1-888-NEED-HIM? You can also go to www.chataboutjesus.com. Someone is waiting there to talk to you.

Prayers for when you feel abandoned

For anyone who knows Jesus

Dear Jesus, the Bible says that you never change (3). It also says that you will never abandon me because I belong to you. Thank you for this truth. Help me to not believe the lies that may come from my feelings. Thank you that you love me. Help me to live every day in light of these truths.

For the divorced who knows Jesus

Dear Jesus, it hurt so much to be abandoned by my spouse. I am thankful that you are faithful (4). I am thankful that you will never leave me because I belong to you. Help me to learn to love you more, claim your promises, and rest in your love that never fails. (5)

For the widow who knows Jesus

Dear Jesus, I feel so alone without my spouse. Thank you that I am not alone, that you are always with me. Thank you that widows like me are dear to your heart. (6) Help me to learn to love you more, claim your promises, and rest in your love.

For the adopted who knows Jesus

Dear Jesus, you have promised that you will not leave me as an orphan (7). You will not forget me as some women do their babies. You have said that you have written my name on the palms of your hands. (8) Help me to remember these truths when I worry that you might abandon me. Help me to take captive my thoughts so that I won’t believe lies. Thank you that you love me.


Our feelings can —

“push us into irrational conclusions like ‘God has abandoned us,’ or ‘He doesn’t care.’ Human nature reaches for a reason, any reason–and for someone to blame. In our confusion, we often target God.” (9)

The Bible is full of promises about God’s love and care for us. Don’t believe the lies. Give your worries about abandonment to Jesus because He cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7)

A gift of God’s love for you

You can download this scripture card as a reminder that God will not abandon you. Simply click on the image. NO EMAIL REQUIRED.


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