The Best Subscription Box For Dad To Bless His Day

If you are like me, you want to honor your dad with more than socks, a tie, or a gift card. A subscription box was completely off my radar until recently when I saw an ad on social media. 

It got me thinking. When you want to honor your dad or some other father figure on his special day, what better way than to choose a subscription service?

Not only will he get a great gift on his birthday or Father’s Day, but the monthly deliveries remind him over and over how much he is loved. There are boxes available for just about anything your dad is interested in.

You can even get a custom box from some companies. With so many different options, the possibilities are endless. It might just be the perfect gift!

A thoughtful subscription box for dad

What kind of dad do you have? 

When you spend time thinking about what he likes, it shows in the subscription box you choose for your dad.  Ask yourself a few simple questions. 

  • Is he a health-conscious dad? 
  • Is he one of those stylish dads?
  • Does he love snacks? 
  • Is the bar-b-que his thing on weekends? 
  • Does he have a beard or is he clean-shaven?
  • Does he love to read?
  • Is he a coffee or a jerky snob? (meaning he is particular about which ones he will drink or eat)
  • Does he love spicy food?
  • Is he into football or other sideline sports? 
  • Does he love nature and being in the great outdoors?

Gift subscriptions make a great Father’s Day gift as well as for other special occasions

Most of what is discussed here is available in the United States. If you live in another country, try using your browser to search for “subscription boxes”. 

A practical subscription box for dad

Most dads appreciate practical gifts. You know, something useful with value for the price paid. Anything that will help Dad do the things he loves is sure to be a hit. 

Most people associate “self-care” with women. The truth be told, self-care products are good for anyone, including your dad. He is more likely to take care of his own needs when he receives some of these items regularly. 

All Natural and Organic 6-in-1 Beard grooming– includes Oil, Balm, Wash, Brush|Comb, and Scissors. This subscription box for dad sells for $20/month if you sign up for 3 or more months. 

Shaving Club Box – What is in the box? – A shaving soap or cream, 10 replacement blades, and 2 full-size grooming products. Explore soothing post-shave balms, protective pre-shave oils, manly-scented colognes, and more. This box sells for $33-37/month. 

Men’s handmade soap -This is an all men’s soap line with all-natural, skin-loving, luxury soaps. This subscription box for dad sells for about $15/box.

You could also give him a membership to a local gym. It is another gift that will bless the health-conscious dad. Then send him a monthly reminder that you appreciate him. Here are examples that you can download for free. (You get both an 8.5 x 11 PDF and an A4 PDF)

I am thankful for you
I was thinking of you today
I prayed for you today

You can print these thoughtful messages on cardstock, cut them apart, and send them in the mail.

They fit in a 4 3/8 by 5 3/4 inch envelope, which is available in stationary stores or on Amazon. They are also called “invitation” envelopes. For those of you in other parts of the world, there are A4 notecards.

There really is no end of subscription boxes for the coffee-loving dad. But if he is one of those coffee snobs, stick with a coffee subscription that has a high rating.

You can send different flavors of coffee to his doorstep each month. Trade Coffee Subscription is rated “best overall” by Forbes magazine in 2024. Atlas Coffee Club has some of the highest ratings by other graders, and Bean Box is also another good one. Prices range from $60 to $20 for a six-month subscription.

Photo of a man bagging coffee beans. This is one gift subscription box for dad.
Coffee Beans

If brewing his own coffee is not your dad’s thing, but he loves coffee, think about The Single Cup Club. These are individual K-cups for Kureg or other coffee makers. It will bring your dad 15 coffee pods with 3 different coffees each month for $14-17/month.

Coffee Pods

Cooking boxes, snack subscriptions, and so much more are available on a monthly basis or quarterly. Many come with a new recipe in each box. 

Sweet Treats Subscription from Harry & David – Pictured is only one of many sweet treat boxes offered. Harry and David offer all kinds of food subscription boxes, including meats/cheeses, fruit, and just about everything in between. Prices vary. 

Ultimate Bar-B-Que Experience – This box includes 5+ premium BBQ sauces, dry rubs, marinades, grilling accessories & surprises. Included in the box are recipes for each product. This subscription box for Dad runs $41-50/box depending on how many boxes you sign up for.

Hot Sauce of the Month Club – Choose from three different hot sauces: mild, classic, or extra hot. They run $15-17.

Jerky Snob – subscription box – Your dad will enjoy different flavors, textures, and spice levels, every month. This subscription box for Dad runs about $15/month. 

Tinned Fish Club – This subscription box for Dad gets a 5 out of 5 review. Enjoy unique, sustainable seafood delights worldwide with recipe ideas included. It runs $30-35/month.

Butcher Block Subscription Box – This is a completely flexible butcher box. You can choose from a curated box or a custom box. You can set the frequency of delivery and cancel at any time. This is 100% grass-fed beef and raised humanely. So this can be on a monthly delivery or a quarterly subscription. Prices vary.

Wood Chips Boxes – This is not a subscription. You don’t set it up to repeat, but if your dad is into added flavor, you could purchase one a month and send it to him to try out the four types of wood: Hickory, Mesquite, Apply, and Cherry.

Local grocery box club – If your dad is health-conscious, you might look into a local grocery box club that includes grass-fed beef and organic vegetables. These are usually available close to where there are ranches and farms or at a Farmer’s Market. The price will be a little less than what you order online since shipping is not an issue. 

Local Farm Grocery Subscription

BattlBox – Survival and Outdoor Gear Subscription Box – for any dad who is into the outdoors, this box is quite popular. This subscription box for Dad runs about $35 a month, and is sure to get him excited. They offer 4 different tiers that are perfect for the Beginner to Professional Outdoorsman.

Mystery Tackle Box – You choose tackle from 5 different fish species as well as 3 different size boxes: regular, pro, or elite boxes. This subscription box for Dad ranges from $17-32/month.

I know there is a lot of joking about dads getting ties or socks as gifts. But some dads are really into these items so don’t dismiss the idea. Here are a few to choose from.  

Spifster Nectie Subscription – with a rating of 4.6 out of 5, this is a top recommended tie club. It is especially nice for the professional dad. They will receive one tie a month. This subscription box for Dad runs $9-11.

The Tie + Sock Subscription – This is from the same company but adds a FUN pair of socks to the box. And there are a few dads that get a kick out of fun socks! The price ranges from $17.50 to $19/box depending on how many months you sign up for.

A spiritual subscription box for dad

There are many faith-based subscription boxes available for women but I could only find one for men, from Cratejoy with only 2 reviews. 

If your dad loves the Lord, think seriously about curating your own box. It is one of the best subscription boxes you can give him. It will be a little more effort and you might need to put reminders on your calendar so you don’t forget. But isn’t your dad worth it? 

Here are two ways that you can create spiritual-themed boxes. 

First, go to “Chrisitan Book” online. In their search box type in “for men”. From there you will get a drop-down box that includes 

  • Mugs, 
  • devotionals, 
  • socks, 
  • and books. 

You can also type in “Book studies for men“. 

From these two queries, you will find lots of interesting items for Dad that you can order monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly. Then just have them sent directly to your dad. And don’t forget to add it to your calendar when to order the next item.

Another option is to have your dad go online to “Christian Book” and pick out items that he would like. Even though he tells you what he wants, it will be a surprise as to when each one will arrive at his doorstep. 

Are you ready to put this unique gift together? Here is a free download to help you with your personally curated subscription box for Dad.

Simply print these on card stock and give it to your dad or send it in the mail letting him know that he will be receiving the first box soon.

Two styles of Scriptual Gift Subscription Cards.
Directions for use of the Spiritual Gift Subscription Cards

Card number one reads:

“Dear Dad, The Bible tells us to honor our parents. I am so grateful for the spiritual legacy and example you have given to me. You will be receiving a faith-based gift periodically that I hope will encourage you spiritually. Much love to you. “

Card number two reads the same with another added paragraph that says: “If you want to choose the items yourself, let me know so I can give you the link to see what is available in mugs, books, devotionals, and book studies for men.”

Here is the link to the 8.5 by 11 download. If you need A4 size, the link is here

Best subscription box for dad

Besides being thoughtful and practical, the best gifts come from companies that have great customer service in case they need to be returned or replaced.

As an added bonus, some companies also offer free shipping.

But the very best gift is something you create yourself. Your time has great value to your dad. 

Now it’s your turn. What experience have you had and what are your favorite subscription boxes? Tell us in the comments. 

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