Preparing For The New Year Spiritually

Time flies when you are having fun, or so they say. But seriously, how do you prepare for a spiritual New Year? With each progressive 365 days, it seems that the New Year rolls around faster than ever before. And is it even important, preparing for the New Year spiritually?

You might be wondering:

  • How do you prepare for a spirtual New Year?
  • What is a good Scripture for the New Year?
  • How do you thank God for a New Year?

We will cover these questions in the next few minutes. Come along as we prepare for the New Year spiritually.

Is it important to prepare for the New Year spiritually?

Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan you are planning to fail.” This applies to many areas of our lives, including preparing for the New Year spiritually.

Yet, more importantly, are quotes from God himself in Scripture.

“For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it?” Luke 14:28 ESV

“Wise people think before they act; fools don’t—and even brag about their foolishness.” Proverbs 13:16 NLT

Planning is important. But the truth is that sometimes even the best plans go awry. Therefore we need to hang onto our plans loosely. Scripture says:

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” Proverbs 16:9 ESV

So we need to go ahead and make plans. However, God, being all-knowing sometimes re-arranges things. And that’s ok.

Preparing for the New Year quotes

Getting ready for the New Year sometimes includes inspirational quotes. Here are some that I especially like.

“You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream.” C.S. Lewis

“What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet.” Anne Frank

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Nelson Mandella

So whether it is setting a goal, or changing our mindset, when things look impossible that is only our perspective. Nothing is impossible with God. Some of our best days are yet to come!

What is a good Scripture for the New Year?

Do you choose a verse for the New Year? A verse that guides your thoughts and directs you? Many people do. Picking a Bible verse for the year is highly personal. It is based on where you are in your relationship with God. So here are some questions to ask as you think about choosing a Scripture for the New Year.

  • What have you been learning lately about yourself or about God?
  • Has there been a Scripture that has jumped off the page at you?
  • In what area of your Christian life would you like to grow more?
  • Are you anticipating upcoming circumstances that will require great trust in God?
  • Have you had a desire to serve God in a certain capacity?

Answering these questions will help you decide on an appropriate Scripture. And if you are having trouble coming up with a verse, share your answers with a more mature Christian friend or a Bible study group. Together you should be able to come up with something inspiring.

How do you thank God for a New Year?

Thanking God for a New Year is simply praying. Let me give you an example where you can fill in the blanks.

“Dear Father, I am so grateful for another year of life that you have given to me. Looking back you have helped me _______. Because of it I was able to __________. I just want to thank you that you are so faithful even when others have not been. Thank you that you care about all the details of my life, even the small things.

And as I look toward the New Year, I thank you that your plans are good. And if at times things look awful, help me to remember that you bring good from all circumstances. Help me to keep my eyes and thoughts on you, dear God. May I honor you in all that I do. I am grateful for yet another New Year in which I can represent you to those around me. Help me to do it well.”

How do you prepare for a New Year spiritually?

Preparing for a New Year spiritually requires some planning. Otherwise, it likely won’t happen. The biggest part of that plan is making Bible reading and prayer a priority. We also need to commit to fellowship with other believers.

Make Bible reading a priority when preparing for the New Year

It helps to choose a Bible reading plan to get started off on the right foot. There are many of them out there. Many are free, and many can be purchased. It also helps to have a set time of day when you will read Scripture.

Free Bible reading plans

These free Bible reading plans come in all levels of challenge. Many bloggers offer monthly plans that are on a different topic each month and include a verse or two to read each day. This list should give you a nice variety to choose from.

Other free Bible reading plans are more challenging.

  • This last year I chose to do Bible Recap through YouVersion. It is a lot of reading each day and takes you through the entire Bible in a year, or the New Testament in 3 months. Bible Recap has a podcast to go with the readings, or you can also purchase a transcript of the podcasts from them directly or on Amazon.

Purchasable Bible reading plans

These plans also come in different levels of challenge. I personally like these plans because most have questions to help you apply the Scripture to your daily life.

  • Daily Portion Bible Reading Journals. These include a scripture written out for each day, followed by a series of questions to challenge you in spiritual growth. Additionally, there is space for you to record your answers. There will be printable Bible Reading Journals for every month of the year. Try one and if this type of journaling is for you, then purchase more as you need them. Each journal is complete in itself so you can start any month of the year. These are from the Creator’s Classroom.
Photo of the cover and inside of one of the Bible reading journals- part of preparing for the New Year spiritually.
  • Bible Studies and Devotionals from The Daily Grace Co. These are high-quality softcover booklets that are absolutely beautiful. You can only purchase them from The Daily Grace Co., but they often have $5 sales on their $20 books. I have a variety of them which have been a blessing.
  • Seasons in the Word– A collection of Bible reading plans.

Make prayer a priority when preparing for the New Year

Prayer should be an integral part of our lives. Sometimes it is formal. Other times it is just a conversation with God as you walk from your car into your workplace. It should always include expressions of gratitude, as this practice helps you learn to appreciate God more each day. In fact, the secret of many Godly women for getting through the tough things in life is that they pray about everything. Remember, praying is simply talking to God.

You might be interested in a social media group that focuses on prayer. One that I highly recommend is Pray With Confidence. They also have a website.

Make fellowship a priority when preparing for the New Year

“And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.” Hebrews 10:24-25 ESV

God did not create us to do life alone. Sometimes we just need a physical hug or a word of encouragement from someone who loves Jesus. We also need insight from those more spiritually mature when we are trying to make decisions. Praying for each other is another important aspect of Christian fellowship.

Final thoughts on preparing for the New Year spiritually

Getting ready for the new year is important and planning is beneficial. Choosing one meaningful Scripture to focus on all year long is a practice of many Christians. Thanking God for the past year, and for the new one ahead also makes planning a more meaningful exercise.

Our preparing for the New Year spiritually should prioritize Bible reading, prayer, and fellowship. These three elements will help us grow in our relationship with God and make us a blessing to others.

Preparing for the New Year spiritually is definitely worth doing. So go ahead. Join the many who plan, prepare, and praise God for another year to serve Him. You will be glad that you did.

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