Online Bible Studies

You are invited to join our group of like-minded women as we study the word of God.

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but God’s word will not pass away.” Mark 13:31 “When you know the truth, the truth will set you free”. John 8:32

How It Works

Beginning in the month of October 2022, we will be studying “Biblical Affirmations – Telling Yourself The Truth.”

This is an important study because we often believe lies about ourselves, others, or our circumstances. These lies hold us back from living the life that God intended.

Be sure to download the resources that come with our current study.

Then come join our Women Growing In Joy private group on Facebook and participate in the weekly discussion questions.

Resources For Our Current Study

Choose from three different study guide options.

Option One

Go to the free online study questions. There is no need to purchase or print anything. You get links to

  • All 30 affirmation videos
  • All Scriptures
  • All 30 devotional readings

Have your Bible and a notebook ready and follow along right here on the website.

Option Two

Get the affirmations, Scripture references, and devotional links in a printable PDF. This option is also free. You can get the printable PDF here.

Each week’s study links

Option Three

The Biblical Affirmations Journal is available for purchase. Not only does it include all 30 affirmations, but there is also lots of additional space to write your notes as well as 8 encouraging Scripture cards that you can print, cut out, and laminate.

Journal pages
Scripture cards

As a bonus, you will also get access to our affirmation and Scripture PNG files used in the videos. They can be posted on social media or you can use them however else you wish to. This total package is available here.

Affirmation PNG files
Scripture PNG files

Schedule For The Current Study

  • Week 1 – Days 1-5 – October 10th – October 14th
  • Week 2 – Days 6-10 – October 17th – October 21st
  • Week 3 – Days 11-15 – October 24th – October 28th
  • Week 4 – Days 16-20 – October 31st – November 4th
  • Week 5 – Days 21-25- November 7th – November 11th
  • Week 6 – Days 26-30- November 14th-November 18th

Past Studies

In case you miss our current study, you can still have access to the resources and view the corresponding videos. All will remain available here on the website and on YouTube.

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