Gifts For Vacation

Ah, vacation. For many, this is the only time of the year that they are able to have a change of pace and scenery. For the last couple of years, vacation has been more of a staycation for most of us.

Now that people are able to leave home and go on actual vacations again, it is always nice to give or receive something to make it more fun and enjoyable. So let’s pack, load up and be on our way with Gifts for vacation!

Small travel gifts for vacation

Have you ever wondered what to give someone who is going on vacation?

Sometimes it is the thought that counts more than the gift. Even so, there are great small travel gifts that can be purchased for those going on vacation.

If you are wondering what to gift someone who is going abroad, this electrical adapter is safe to use in 150 different countries.

photo of a universal power adapter for travel to 150 countries

And while gift cards are not all that glamourous, when someone is traveling by plane, most major airports have fast-food courts with Burger King, Chick-Fil-A, Taco Bell, and a host of others. It is a simple way for your friend to have lunch to carry on the plane.

If you know far enough in advance when someone is going on vacation, there are many attractive and practical vacation planners such as these.

Photo of vacation planner
Vacation planner
photo of travel planner
Travel planner w/ expense tracker, packing lists, etc.

Gifts for vacation under $20

Photo of hand-held luggage scale
Hand-held luggage scale
photo of transparent shoe bags with rope
Transparent shoe bags with rope for men or women

photo of sleep headphones
Sleep headphones
photo of UV toothbrush sanitizer
UV toothbrush sanitizer
photo of sleep mask
contoured light-blocking sleep mask
mini surge protector

Gifts for vacation under $40

Whether someone is traveling by plane, train, bus, or automobile, they probably will be sleeping some of the time. I love the idea of “neck pillows”, but some are soooo big they take up a lot of space. Others have to be inflated. That is why I like the Trtl pillow. It is a good compromise between the two. The end is stiff enough to hold your head upright.

photo of Trtl Pillow brand neck pillow

Other gifts for under $40 include:

photo of leakproof, disposable water bottles
Leak-proof, collapsible water bottles – Fill up at a restaurant to go
photo of travel toiletry bag
Hanging travel toiletry bag
photo of door stop security alarm
Doorstop security alarm 2-pack
photo of electronics organizer bag
waterproof, electronics, and cord organizer bag
photo of handheld portable garment steamer
Handheld portable garment steamer

Gifts for vacation under $60

Most people travel with Ipads, cell phones, computers, and other electronic devices. When you are on the road or in the air, having a power bank is great!

photo of a portable power bank for electronic devices
Portable power bank for electronic devices
photo of noise-blocking earbuds
wireless noise-blocking earbuds
Photo of wireless, waterproof Bluetooth speaker
wireless, waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Free or almost free travel gifts

If your budget is hurting, you don’t have to spend a lot to give vacation gifts.

Probably one of the nicest things that you can do is remind your friend that you will be praying for them.

Prayer for a friend’s vacation

Dear Heavenly Father,

I am so excited for my friend as she goes on vacation. I know sometimes the getter ready to go can be a frazzling time, trying to get all the to-do lists completed. I ask that as she prepares that she will keep in mind that sometimes things don’t always go as planned and that is OK.

And Lord, going on vacation means sleeping in a different environment and a different bed. May my friend experience refreshing sleep so that she can enjoy her time away from daily responsibilities.

I ask that you will give my friend the opportunity to see you at work in her life and in the lives of others that she comes in contact with. When she sees your creation around her may she also see your fingerprints in all that you have created.

Most of all, Lord, I ask that my friend will be aware of your presence with her at all times. I ask you to protect her and give her peace in all situations while she is away.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Photo of a prayer for a friend's vacation
Prayer for a friend’s vacation

You can download this prayer here to print and give to your friend. It is free.

Coloring Collections

If your friend likes to color, she may enjoy one of the Bible verse coloring collections from the Creator’s Classroom. While traveling, they will give her hours of coloring enjoyment as well as remind her of important Bible verses.

photo of some of the coloring collections from the Creator's Classroom
Bible Verse Coloring Collections From The Creator’s Classroom

Final thoughts

Vacation is a time for a change of pace and scenery. It is a time of refreshment while charging our emotional batteries.

Giving travel gifts is one way to bless your friends while reminding them that they are special in your life. And while you are at it, show them God’s love with your prayers. God’s love is the best gift of all!

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