Gifts For New Christians

New Christians are usually excited about their decision to follow Jesus. Like sponges, they soak up as much as they can about what God wants for their lives. And since their faith is new, they probably don’t have an abundance of Christian resources yet. This makes it easy for you as you wonder what to give them. The market nowadays is overflowing with gifts for new Christians.

Basic gifts for new Christians

The most important faith gifts for new believers are the essentials: Bible, notebook, journal, pens, and bookmarks. These items will provide many hours of Bible reading, Bible study, and spiritual growth, which lead to Christian maturity. These are the first gifts a new Christian needs.


Local Christian book stores, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other retailers carry a huge assortment of Bible translations. It can be a mind-boggling decision as to which one to buy. New Christians need something easy to read as well as trustworthy in translation from the original Hebrew and Greek. Here are some translations that are standards and can be trusted for their accuracy and adherence to original text meaning. They also were translated by teams of people skilled in the original languages.

  • American Standard Version (ASV)
  • New Amerian Standard Bible (NASB)
  • English Standard Version (ESV)
  • New International Version (NIV)

You can’t go wrong with any of these four translations.

Do be aware though that there are Bibles on the market that were translated by single authors and should be avoided. Also, be wary of translations that push one church’s doctrine or that cut out large sections of scripture. (1)

Notebooks and journals

When it comes to the Bible, It is extremely beneficial to have something to write our thoughts in. When God impresses something important on our minds, it needs to be recorded. Otherwise, it is too easy to forget those “aha” moments. One of the reasons various Biblical characters got themselves into difficulties was due to forgetting the things God had taught them and provided for them. Over and over Scripture says to remember these things.

For those new to the Christian Faith, journals with prompts are useful as they help the reader zero in on how Scripture can be applied to their daily life. One important character quality for new believers to develop is a sense of gratitude. It is so easy to focus on problems instead of the God of possibilities. A gratitude journal helps keep God’s goodness in focus when life isn’t pleasant.

This is a really good journal from Zondervan Publishers. The Weekly Gratitude Project is a 52-week guided journal that weaves together Scripture verses, thoughtful questions, gorgeous photography, colorful watercolor images, and mindful reflections to help you cultivate a heart of gratitude.

Picture of the "Weekly Gratitude Project" journal.


Some people don’t get excited about pens, but this writer does! Besides plain pens, you can purchase ones imprinted with scripture, ones with colored ink to color code your Bible, and highlighters to mark verses that you want to find easier at a later date.


My Bible was full of sticky notes for the longest time until I found magnetic book marks. Of course, sticky notes are perfectly fine, and they come in many different colors for any kind of color coding.

Gifts for new Christians under $20


There are so many good Christian musicians to choose from. Some that I personally appreciate for their adherence to gospel truth are Toby Mac, Mercy Me, Casting Crowns, Laura Story, Hope Darst, Ryan Stevenson, For King & Country, and Lauren Daigle. They all have websites where you can purchase digital products as well as CD’s. Their music is also available on internet markets such as Amazon, Pandora, and Spotify.

Pen sets

For writing in Bibles, be sure to get products that do not bleed through the paper. The packages usually are marked accordingly. For a pen junky like myself, these are right up my alley! Pen sets come in various sizes, and many are under $20.

Scripture sticky notes

There is an endless array of sticky notes on the market that have scripture printed on them. Many people enjoy receiving these. They are useful in Bibles, books, or just for “to-do” lists. You can find products like this on Etsy, The Daily Grace Co, Amazon, and many other places. This is an especially nice set for under $20. It is called Holy Bible Study Sticky Notes.

Holy Bible Study Sticky Notes

Scripture bookmarks

I have recently discovered magnetic bookmarks and absolutely love them. They stay put in a Bible or book and don’t fall out. I first discovered them at Hobby Lobby. Amazon has a huge selection also. Christian Art Gifts calls them “Magnetic Page Markers”. I have this set personally and love them.

Picture of a package of 6 magnetic page markers- an inexpensive but lovely gift for new Christians.

Scripture coloring books

For your friend who likes to color, there are many bloggers that offer Scripture coloring books on various topics. I especially like the ones from Kingdom Bloggers, by LeeAnn Fox. She has several on Etsy. This one has been popular and emphasizes our identity in Christ, something new believers need to know.

Picture of the "I Am" identity in Christ Scripture Coloring Book.

Scripture mugs

Many online Christian stores have a selection of inspirational mugs. The Daily Grace Co. is one of them as well as Called to Edify Boutique.

Bible Study Books

These range between $15 & $50. The Daily Grace Co. has really nice quality Bible study books for new Christians. They are beautifully illustrated, colorful, with heavy glossy pages. The topics are endless. Daughters of Grace is one of my favorites, which covers 30 different women of the Bible, their struggles, and how God met them where they were. For a new believer who may have some baggage from the past, this book is encouraging. There is likely one or more Biblical women that anyone could relate to.

Photo of the book "Daughters of Grace", which is a wonderful gift for new Christians.

Gifts for new Chrisians under $50

Basic Bibles

We have discussed Bibles above. They can be found almost anywhere that Christian books are sold.

Scritpure Home decor

Scripture home decor includes wall art, pillows, doormats, flags, tableware, kitchen towels, mugs, teapots, candles, and many other products. The variety is endless. All you have to do is type into your search engine, “Scripture home decor” and you will find it all.

Scripture wear

Scripture wear includes clothing, jewelry, hats, bags, and totes. Called to Edify Boutique has a large selection of short and long-sleeved t-shirts, jogging wear, and hoodies.

Gifts for new Christians under $100

Really nice Bibles usually are between $50 and $100. These include study Bibles with footnotes, and cross-referencing. The Bible translations listed above come in basic as well as study Bibles. Dr. David Jeremiah has a study Bible that includes just about everything a person would need to gain extensive Biblical knowledge and spiritual growth. It features 8,000 individual study notes with both insightful and practical content. His organization has a large selection of Christian books, a monthly devotional magazine, and other very helpful Bible study resources.

More gifts for new Christians in all price ranges

To give you more ideas, and to appreciate just all that is out there to encourage new Christians in their walk with God, take a look at these online stores.

Mary and Martha: Home decor is their specialty. You will be surprised at the many different ways to include scripture in your home in every room of the house. Just about everything you use can be made into a reminder of God’s presence in our lives and that is what Mary and Martha have done.

Dayspring: They are well known for their cards and stationery. But did you know they have much more to offer? You will want to check out their inspirational gifts, books, Bibles, home decor, and apparel.

Homemade religious gifts

If you are crafty, a homemade religious gift is something that says, “I care enough to give you my time.” Furthermore, homemade gifts carry a touch of your personality and reminds the receiver that they are special to you. These truly are unique religious gifts.

Basic basket: A lovely gift for new Christians is a basket with all the basic supplies listed above. Having all these items in one place makes it easy for your friend to pick up everything and take it to where she wants to read and meditate on Scripture. Furthermore, baskets can be decorated as simple or as extravagant as you see fit.

Promise jars: Using notecards and a mason jar with a lid, place some of your favorite Bible promises in the jar. Your friend can then take out a card and meditate on a Bible verse throughout her day. Notecards come in a variety of colors, and the jars can also be decorated. This is a very personalized gift and can be even more special if you explain on the cards how the verses have helped you. This concept can be used also for “faith” jars with verses about faith, “anxiety” jars with verses about peace, and so on. The sky is the limit for topics.

Gifts of Scripture for new Christians

All of the gifts mentioned in this article are Scripture gifts. The reason for this is to encourage your friend in their spiritual growth and newfound faith in Jesus. The Bible is clear that we are to immerse ourselves all day long in thoughts about God our Creator. What better way to do that than to have Scripture all around us.

“This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night.” Joshua 1:8 (ESV)

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