Free Faith Coloring Pages For Adults To Give You Joy

So are you thinking about trying your hand at coloring but don’t know where to start? Free Christian coloring pages for adults are the way to begin. You will find there are many to choose from and they are sure to bring joy to your life.

Are flowers your thing? What about nature? Or Scripture verses? You can find coloring pages about pretty much anything you enjoy.

Furthermore, coloring is very therapeutic for many adults. So in case you thought it was just for kids, think again.

Let’s explore the many possibilities of free coloring pages for adults

How is coloring therapeutic for adults?

You may be wondering if coloring is a good hobby to get into. The truth is, not only is it a hobby for many, it can be extremely therapeutic.

Coloring is not the same as “art therapy”, but Scripture coloring pages can lift one’s spirits while taking our minds away from our troubles for a while.

Coloring can help reduce stress as well as anxiety. It is a way to unwind and disengage. In some studies, it was a useful therapy for PTSD.

Not only are Bible verse coloring sheets therapeutic physically and emotionally, but it is also a wonderful activity to enhance your devotional time. Anything that gets us into the Word of God in a creative way is therapeutic for our souls.

Some of what you color may be therapeutic for friends also and make great gifts when placed in a nice frame. The power of God even in a beautiful coloring page is limitless. 

What you need to get started with free coloring pages for adults

These are the basic supplies that a beginner will need for coloring pages.

  1. Black and white printer and lightweight cardstock
  2. A color wheel is helpful but not 100% necessary
  3. Colored pens or pencils
  4. Coloring pages that are interesting to you
  5. Clipboard

(1) Black and white printer and lightweight cardstock

There are websites that allow coloring online. But it just isn’t the same as sitting with a cup of coffee or tea in your favorite chair outside taking in the sounds of nature as you color.

Once printed in black and white, you can take them just about anywhere.

So let’s say you are going on a camping trip. There will be some downtime. If you have another driver, even getting to your campsite will give you time to color.

Or, maybe you have a conference to go to. Those intense meetings will make coloring a welcome relaxation when back in your room.

(2) Color wheel

photo of a color wheel, for free coloring pages for adults
Artist’s color wheel

There is an advantage to having a color wheel, as it helps you decide how different colors will look together. These are called complementary colors.

A color wheel will also help you know what colors to use for shading or reflections.

(3) Colored pens or pencils

Should you use pens or pencils for coloring pages? It really has more to do with personal preference. Some pencils are erasable so if you don’t like what you did you can start over. Most pens are not erasable.

Colored pencils

There is no end to colored pencil sets that you can choose from. I suggest not spending a bunch until you get a feel for what you like.

Crayola has a fairly inexpensive set with 50 colors to make all kinds of variations in your coloring.

Along with pencils, you will want a way to blend colors so that pencil strokes are not obvious.

Gel pens

Some people like to use gel pens for coloring, but keep in mind that most are not erasable. You can choose from water-based or alcohol-based.

Water-based markers dry slower, and can easily streak until they are dry. You need a little more time with these, but some are guaranteed to not bleed through most paper stock. Also important is that water-based ink can usually be washed from clothing or skin.

Alcohol-based markers dry instantly but are hard to remove from clothing. Some will bleed through lightweight, lesser-quality papers. The reason to use them is that the colors usually don’t fade with time.

There is a really good guide to pens at Coloring Heaven.

(4) Coloring pages that are of interest to you

There are coloring pages for just about any subject matter, but if they don’t fall within your interests, you are not likely to have a pleasurable first experience.

So are you a nature buff? What kind of nature scenes? Mountains, animals, flowers? Almost every website with free coloring pages includes nature in at least some of its designs.

Are you more of a people person? There are many people-oriented coloring pages available.

Or do you get excited about symmetrical designs? Then mandala coloring should be enjoyable.

(5) Clipboard

A clipboard will help hold your coloring page in place as you work on it. Just make sure that it has a very smooth surface so that unwanted marks do not show up in your coloring.

A clipboard will also make it easier to work outside, especially if there is a breeze. If you don’t have a table to work at, your clipboard becomes the table.

Free faith coloring pages for adults from the Creator’s Classroom

Throughout the Creator’s Classroom, you will find both free and purchasable Bible verse coloring pages related to the topic of the articles. Here is just a sampling. Each photo has a link to download it for free. No email is required.

Photo of one of the coloring pages for adults from the Creator's Classroom
Photo of a coloring page
Photo of a coloring page for adults
Photo of one of the free coloring pages for adults from the Creator's Classroom
Photo of one of the free coloring pages for adults from the Creator's Clasroom

To find other free coloring pages for adults, go to our resource page.

If you are wanting more than single Bible verse coloring sheets, The Creator’s Classroom has a selection of purchasable themed books, all based on God’s word.

You should be able to find at least 1 adult coloring book to meet your needs. They include many of our favorite verses. You will find them in our ETSY shop. 

More Free Bible verse coloring pages for adults

What an amazing combination to have coloring and Bible verses in the same activity.

The Bible says that we can have great peace when our minds are focused on God (Isaiah 26:3). Scripture also says that there is great joy in the presence of God. (Psalm 16:11).

Peace and Joy. That is what Bible verse coloring pages can do for you.

Here are some websites with great free Bible verse coloring pages for adults.

Susan Davis

Photo of a free coloring page for adults from Susan Davis website

Susan at has a set of 6 free Bible verse coloring pages on different topics. Most include a lot of detail for creative minds to work with.

Limitless Horizon

Sharon at Limitless Horizon has a large selection of free coloring pages for adults. The set pictured here is on various themes.

Sharon also has sets of coloring pages specific to Thanksgiving, Psalm 100, Psalm 121, wisdom, and love.

Photo of free coloring pages for adults from Limitless Horizon

Healing Home

Photo of free coloring pages for adults from Healing Home

Rachael at Healing Home has several sets of free Bible verse coloring pages. The first set of 10 has various themes

She also has a set of 8 coloring pages focused on gratitude.

If you have children still at home, she also has coloring pages for them.

Raise Your Sword

Erin at Raise Your Sword has two sets of free Bible verse coloring pages for adults.

The first set is about hope. The second set is about Easter.

photo of a free coloring page for adults from Raise Your Sword

Bloggers for the Kingdom

Photo of free coloring pages for adults from Bloggers for the Kingdom

LeeAnn at Bloggers for the Kingdom has an extensive library of free printables. The topics of her coloring pages include:

  • Promises of God
  • Scripture and birds
  • Fruit of the Spirit
  • Resurrection
  • Women of the Bible
  • and more

LeeAnn also has some very nice items for sale. You should be able to find at least one Christian faith-Building coloring book in her collection that you like. 

Time-Warp Wife has this Bible verse coloring page that accompanies her Bible study on the Book of Esther. There are other coloring pages that go along with this study. I love the focus on women and their relationship with God. You are sure to love these coloring pages.

Photo of a free coloring page from Time-Warp Wife

Color it

Photo of a free coloring page from Color It has a package of 10 free Scriptural drawings- all with Bible verses. Most are nature-centered.

Printables and Inspirations has a set of 6 free coloring pages on the topic of God’s protection. These are super simple and should not be intimidating in any way. This is a good place to start if you are just beginning your coloring experience.

Photo of a free coloring page from Printables And Inspirations

Free coloring pages for adults – no spiritual emphasis

Many free coloring pages for adults have no spiritual emphasis. Nonetheless, if they are nature-centered, they still reflect God’s creation. It is our mental focus that changes many non-spiritual things to spiritual.

The following coloring pages are some you may find fun, as well as inspirational as you let God direct your thoughts. (Just be aware that you will need to sort through some you will not agree with.)

Homemade gifts made easy has a very large section of adult coloring pages. The anatomical heart can remind you that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, from Psalm 139. Butterflies can remind you that we are new creations in Christ, from 2 Corinthians 5. They also have a few actual bible verse coloring pages.

Photo of one of the free coloring pages for adults from Homemade Gifts Made Easy
Photo of a coloring page from Homemade gifts made easy
Photo of a free coloring page from Homemade gifts made easy
Photo of one of the free coloring pages for adults from Crayola

Crayola has some nice coloring pages. The ducks can remind you “He leads me beside still waters” from Psalm 23. The Cabin and snow can remind you that God’s creation includes very individual and unique snowflakes.

Photo of a free coloring page for adults from Crayola

Making your own coloring pages

At some point in time, you may want to make your own coloring pages. This is a fun way to color some of your favorite Bible verses. And when you have a meaningful Bible verse, coloring it is a great way to help you memorize it.

Or maybe you teach a Sunday School class and want to make coloring sheets for them.

It really isn’t all that difficult. LeeAnn Fox has a great online class on making Bible Study Printables. As an introduction, you should check out her video on Youtube.

All you need is Canva and some imagination to make your own coloring pages.

Final thoughts

Coloring pages for adults can be a great source of joy, help you relax, and focus on God.

If you are even the slightest bit interested in coloring, give this activity a try. It may become a new and inexpensive hobby in your life, full of creative outlets

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