Easter Baskets For Adults – 100 plus Ideas

Who says that Easter baskets are for kids? Adults love to receive gifts just as much as children do and this time of the year is great for giving Easter baskets for adults. Furthermore, candy does not have to be a part of these baskets. Thus our “healthy living” friends and family can benefit just as much from our carefully crafted gift.

Easter is not only the time we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. At the same time, we can also celebrate those special people in our lives with Easter baskets for adults.

What do you put in Easter baskets for adults?

It is easy to create a themed Easter basket for adults once you know what the person likes. For instance:

  • Are they a sports fan?
  • Do they like to garden?
  • Is reading their thing?
  • Do they like to journal?
  • Are word games what they like?
  • Is coffee their thing?
  • Do they focus on healthy living?

Once you decide what theme would delight your friend or family member, you are ready to put together an Easter basket for the adults in your life.

Just as there are many items that could go in an Easter basket for adults, there are also many different kinds of containers that can be used. While wicker is traditional, try thinking outside the box. For instance, Hobby Lobby, Joann’s Fabrics, and Michaels have many different kinds of containers available. Even Home Depot, Lowes, and Walmart have interesting containers that will work. The sky is the limit. And if you wish to wrap the whole thing in cellophane, you can get that at craft stores.

Photo of different kinds of containers that could be used for Easter baskets for adults.
Wicker basket, wire basket, metal bucket, watering can

Christian Easter basket ideas for adults

Since Easter is a Christian holiday, this is a great time to give Biblically based, thought-provoking gifts. Thus, Christian Easter baskets for adults are very appropriate as we celebrate the risen Savior.

For the Bible study and devotional lover

For the reader of Christian books

Historical fiction is a great way for Biblical stories to come alive, full of drama and all the elements that keep you wondering what comes next. Two really great authors are Francine Rivers and Lynn Austin. They are prolific writers and have many books on the market. Both make Biblical history enjoyable even for those who maybe did not like history when they were in school.

For the jewelry lover

For those who like to journal

  • Gratitude journal
  • Prayer journal
  • Bible study journal (this is simple, having only 3 prompts for each day- “Scpripture passage, notes and reflection, prayer and praise”)
  • Bible reading journals (these are instant downloadable files that you can print out for your friend with daily scripture passages, life application questions, and a new topic each month. They fit any 8.5 by 11 inch binder, or can be printed by an office supply business with binding.)

Healthy living Easter baskets for adults

While most children’s Easter baskets contain lots of candy and sugary items, that does not have to be the case for adults. The theme here is Easter baskets for adults- no candy!

Self care for her

Easy exercise

Other healthy living items

Fun Easter baskets for adults

Even if you have a Christian theme going in your Easter basket for adults, you can add in some fun things also. Often when reading the Bible, people sip on a hot drink, so any of those items are connected. And for the person who likes to journal, the Christian-themed coloring collections fit in well also.

For the sports fan

The following items are great for adults who like to attend outdoor games such as baseball, tennis, football, soccer, etc.

For the gardener

For the game player or coloring enthusiast

For the food and drink lover

In keeping with Easter basket ideas for adults- no candy- the only sweets are for the ice cream lovers. Let’s face it, ice cream is fun.

Ice cream lovers

Hot drink lovers

Those who love to cook

Miscellaneous Easter basket items for adults

Final thoughts on Easter baskets for adults

Nowadays, Easter baskets are for everyone, including adults. Have fun as you carefully craft personalized Easter baskets for the adults in your life. The links to the above 100 plus items will lead you to more ideas and selections. We just uncovered the tip of the iceberg!

Enjoy Easter and enjoy making Easter baskets for adults!

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