Where Is God When I Need Him?

Most of us have asked this question at least once. Well-meaning individuals may spout cliques that fall on our deaf ears. These responses simply add to our sense of aloneness. Is there truly a satisfying answer to the question, “Where is God when I need him?” I believe there is.

God’s Language Of Love

Heart shaped graphic of the word 'Love' in many different languages to illustrate God's language of love.

Language is more than words. It entails our actions, expressions, gestures, and tone of voice. In fact, sometimes our non-verbal communication speaks louder than words. One thing is for sure. When we demonstrate God’s language of love, it is universally understood.

How To Have Peace While Waiting For God To Act

Waiting is much like an airplane in a holding pattern before landing. It feels like you are going around in circles for nothing. What isn’t apparent though, is that the control tower is making sure that all is clear. Holding patterns prevent disaster. It seems that waiting is a big part of life: waiting for …

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