How To Have Peace While Waiting For God To Act

Waiting is much like an airplane in a holding pattern before landing. It feels like you are going around in circles for nothing. What isn’t apparent though, is that the control tower is making sure that all is clear. Holding patterns prevent disaster. It seems that waiting is a big part of life: waiting for …

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The Road Map To Peace

Have you ever felt that life has thrown you off course? Have you ever asked God, “Why is this happening?” Are you looking for the road map to peace? Look no further. Peace is just around the corner. (read more)

Joy In Nature: Mother’s Milk

This last summer two of our mama goats gave birth to the most adorable babies, referred to as “kids”. There was a problem though as each had triplets and the mamas only have two nipples. This caused great competition. I have learned spiritual truths from working with these little rascals. (read more)