Besides the Bible, other books can increase your joy in the journey.

These are some of my favorites

  • When Your World Falls Apart, by Dr. David Jeremiah. This book follows his journey to embrace and rise above a devastating diagnosis.
  • The God You May Not Know, by Dr. David Jeremiah. The chapter on the “faithfulness of God” was extremely comforting to me after being abandoned by my husband. There undoubtedly is a chapter that addresses the hurts in your life.
  • KJV Personal Reflections Bible has extra-wide margins. It is perfect for notes, drawing, coloring, and creating whatever helps you reflect on what you are reading. This Bible is really a combination of scripture as well as a mini-journal. If you are not extremely artistic, you may find the Bible below more to your liking.
  • KJV Personal Reflections Bible with prompts is basically the same as the above Bible except that every page has a premade drawing that can be colored and a question to ponder God’s working in your life.
  • More Than Meets the Eye: Fascinating Glimpses of God’s Power And Design will blow your mind as to the intricacies of the human body and its many interdependent systems. Written by Richard A. Swenson, M.D., every single chapter will have you in awe of our amazing God and His perfect design.
  • Laugh Like A Kid Again, by Phil Calaway. A collection of true short stories, Callaway brings a dose of humor to some of life’s toughest moments.
  • Redeeming Love, a novel with a Biblical theme by Francine Rivers.
  • You Restoration Journey (after divorce)- by Jen Grice. This is a combination of helpful informtion as well as a journal. She also has a website, Surviving and Thriving After Divorce, as well as a Facebook group.
  • You Can Survive Divorce – by Jen Grice. “Do you feel like you are emotionally bleeding but no hospital can make it stop? Like you are a dead woman walking? Like you’ll never be able to climb your way out of this heavy, suffocating place? Know this: With Jesus, you’ll make it out, and you’ll be okay.”
  • Listen To The Animals is an old devotional book written by William L. Coleman, but still available on Amazon. If you have trouble getting out in nature, this book will bring nature to you. With 52 stories, it will bring amazement as to God’s marvelous creation.

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