About the Creator’s Classroom

The image is a peace rose and a bluebird which are symbols of Hope, Joy and Peace, the subjects of the Creator's Classroom.

Finding Peace in spite of our circumstances is part of what the Creator’s Classroom is about. It is only fitting that a depiction of the Peace Rose should be part of the graphics. This lovely plant was developed at the beginning of World War 2 and received its name when the war ended. The day that Berlin fell, the same day that the rose was officially named, this statement was issued, “We are persuaded that this greatest new rose of our time should be named for the world’s greatest desire: ‘PEACE’. “

Life can sometimes feel like a war zone

  • Battles
  • Skirmishes
  • Losses
  • Fear
  • Unwanted change
  • Pain and suffering

Anyone who has actually lived in a war zone knows that when the battles end, the resulting peace is such a blessing.

Finding hope and joy are the other topics of the Creator’s Classroom. The bluebird in the graphic is a symbol of both. It is interesting that in Italy, the new Peace Rose was named ‘Gioia’, meaning joy. And in South Africa, it was called ‘Soaring wings’.

What events in your life have destroyed your hope, joy or peace?

I have had my share of metaphorical war zones, including:

  • Death of loved ones
  • Abandonment
  • Abuse
  • Loss of a job
  • Being single again when I didn’t want to be
  • Death of dreams

Maybe you have experienced some of the same circumstances. Life can be difficult.

More about the Creator’s Classroom

In these electronic pages, I share what I have learned from God, the master teacher. My classroom has been on the farm, in the workplace, in hobbies, in family dynamics, and many other places. Your classroom is probably different, but the principles will apply to many of your situations. You will find a blending of:

  • Scripture
  • Stories
  • Everyday moments

Come back again

Each time you return to the Creator’s Classroom, I pray that you will begin to find hope, to find joy, and to find peace. They are treasures that many people never attain. They are indeed gifts from God.

“We don’t have to fear the war. Our help is on the way.”

(From the song ‘Always’, by Kristian Stanfill)