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The Creator’s Classroom is a place for women of all ages desiring more Joy In The Journey.

For many of you, life has been a disappointment, filled with circumstances that you did not “sign up for”. When you are on that road, you need Joy.

The Creator’s Classroom is the right place for you!

What events in your life have destroyed your joy?

  • Death of loved ones?
  • Abandonment?
  • Abuse?
  • Loss of a job?
  • Being single?
  • Death of dreams?

I have experienced all of these. Maybe you have also, or maybe something else. Life can be difficult, robbing us of our joy.

But don’t give up. Joy is possible even when life is hard.

More about the Creator’s Classroom

In these electronic pages, you will find a blending of:

  • Scripture
  • Stories
  • Everyday moments

You will get more Joy in your journey through articles on faith, lessons of life, and spiritual growth.

Some articles include free scripture cards, coloring pages, or journal pages that do not require an email to download. Some include links to songs that inspire us to rise above and choose joy. All are written from a Biblical perspective.

Let’s Connect!

You are invited to connect with us on social media and be part of a group of like-minded women.

Growing In Joy – Women’s Bible Study Group

As an extension of The Creator’s Classroom, Growing In Joy – Women’s Bible Study Group has a free Online Bible Study once a quarter, usually lasting 4-6 weeks.

Past Bible studies have included “My Heart Has Been Broken”, “Biblical Affirmations” and “Joyful Living.”

In between, we have mini-studies that are usually 4 days long and correlate with something here at The Creator’s Classroom. We also bring you encouraging quotes and inspirations.

Finally, you can ask questions, request prayer, or share how God is helping you get more Joy In The Journey. You will find us on Facebook.

Women Growing In Joy & Hope

This group is free as well as private, so I hope you will take advantage of it.

She Finds Hope

Our second group is a public page. She Finds Hope consists of inspirational quotes, conversational questions, music links, and devotionals for women rising above life’s valleys to find hope, joy, and peace. She Finds Hope is on Facebook as well.

the image is of the public Facebook and MeWe groups called, She Finds Hope: rising above life's valleys to find hope, joy, and peace.

Thank you for stopping by

So who am I? Just an ordinary farm girl who has been through many difficult life circumstances. Because of God’s comfort and strength that got me through it all, I am passionate about sharing it with you so you too can have more joy.

If you are looking for what I believe, you will find it woven throughout this Website. A good place to start is “Christian Faith For Beginners.”

Come back again

Each time you return to the Creator’s Classroom, I pray that you will experience more joy in the journey. This a treasure that many women never attain. It is indeed a gift from God.

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Blessings to you, my new friend. I hope to see you again!

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11 thoughts on “About The Creator’s Classroom”

  1. I have really enjoyed looking through your website. Praise for the King James Bible. I appreciate your work and labor for the Lord. He is using it for the growth of two young girls in our teen group. I was searching for a beginners Bible reading plan and found everything I needed right here. Keep up the work for the Lord. 1 Corinthians 15:58

  2. Hi Sandy, I would like to know about what you believe. I am quite picky. I am going to be quite itinerant this year. For we used to live in one Country and have re-located to another. It would be good to hang out with others of like minds.

      • Thanks. My new home is in South Africa. Been living in Eswatini for 40 years. Now every few months we go back there. I can’t put roots down there or here. I go to Church where I can. But I also go to another part of country to see relatives who are elderly. Go to “their” Bible studies and Church.. I do not know how long this nomad life is going to be. I need to hang out with someone who is not on a journey!

  3. Please pray for me I feel so unsettled. On 19th we leave for Cape Town. Returning 19th March. I feel like a yo-yo . I need to be steeped into what God wants and that will lead to peace.

    • I know you responsibilities move you around a lot and that has to be hard. You must feel like you have no roots. Praying now for a sense of the presence of God and that His peace will cover you, just like the way David describes chicks finding shelter under the wings of the mama.


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