6 Imperfect Female Bible Characters & Their Amazing Stories

Sometimes we get the idea that female Bible characters had it all together. After all, why would God have included their stories in the Scriptures?

But there are no perfect people, not even people in the Bible. Some of them had pretty ugly stories, at least in the beginning.

If they were all in the same time frame you would think it was a soap opera. We find rebellion, shame, prostitution, adultery, not trusting God, and more in these stories.

So take heart, even if you think your life is a mess.

There is hope for something better. We can learn from these 6 imperfect female Bible characters.

Eve, one of the imperfect female Bible Characters

Many people know the story of Adam and Eve.

Eve questioned the goodness of God. She thought He was withholding something that they would benefit from.

Moreover, she chose to believe a lie that promised to make her as God. Talk about inflating her ego! That sure did.

But of course, she couldn’t see the big picture, only what was right in front of her.

Unfortunately, she started an avalanche of consequences that would affect the whole human race. We all are now born into sin and rebellion.

We really are not too different from Eve. When we decide we want something we often expect God to give it to us or we begin to question His goodness and motives.

Questioning God’s authority has been a repeated sin throughout history.

Imperfect as she was, God used her like many other female Bible characters.

We have to assume that she was a good mother because her sons learned how to worship God. Without this teaching and nurturing, they would not have known to bring an offering to Him.

It must have broken Eve’s heart that one of her sons killed the other.

It is a good reminder that our children may not always accept our beliefs and values. They will question our authority just like Eve questioned God.

But God’s plans were bigger than Eve’s sin.

Eve became the mother of the rest of mankind, which would eventually usher in the arrival of Jesus Christ, the answer to our sin problem.

You can read about Eve and her sons in Genesis chapters 3-4 and Hebrews 11:4

Rahab, one of the imperfect female Bible characters

Rahab was a prostitute from Jerico. In spite of this shameful background, she had the courage to hide two Israelite spies. She could have been executed for her actions.

Even before the spies arrived in Jerico, people had been hearing about the God of Israel who performed miracles for them in battle. These accounts caused Rahab to want to know their God.

Imperfect as she was, God used her like many other female Bible characters.

Because of Rehab’s faith, she and her family’s lives were spared when Jerico was destroyed.

But that is not the end of the story. God honored this prostitute, not because of her past, but because of her faith which changed her life. Rahab became an ancestor to Jesus.

You can read Rahab’s story in Joshua chapter 2.

Sarah, one of the imperfect female Bible characters

Sarah was the wife of Abraham, the great father of the faith. You would think if Abraham was so committed to God that she would be too.

But Sarah made some big mistakes before finally ending up in the “Faith” Hall of Fame.

When presented with what seemed like an impossible situation, Sarah chose her own path. Sarah did not believe God had power over infertility, menopause, or old age.

Rather than trust God, she caused her husband to commit adultery hoping to have a child through that relationship. A child was conceived, but the consequences were a constant reminder that God’s ways are best.

Imperfect as she was, God still used her anyway like he did many other female Bible characters. She eventually had her own son who was an ancestor to Jesus.

You can read Sarah’s story in Genesis chapters 15-16, 18, 21, and Hebrews 11:11.

Bathsheba, one of the imperfect female Bible characters

Bathsheba was a beautiful married woman. Unfortunately, while her husband was away serving in the military, she had an adulterous affair with King David.

Bathsheba became pregnant from this one-night stand, but the consequences of adultery cost her and David the life of their baby who died soon after birth.

When Bathsheba’s husband was killed in battle (a whole other story), she became the wife of King David.

Despite adultery, God still used Bathsheba. One of her next sons was King Solomon who became the wisest man alive, as well as an ancestor of Jesus.

You can read Bathsheba’s story in 2 Samuel 11- 2:24.

The Samaritan woman, one of the imperfect female Bible characters

This poor lady had many strikes against her. Even her pagan culture shunned her. She had gone through multiple marriages and finally had a live-in boyfriend.

Many people are like the Samaritan Woman, trying to find love, acceptance, and significance, not knowing that Jesus is the only one who can satisfy those needs.

Imperfect as she was, God used her anyway like he did many other female Bible characters.

Because of her search for truth, dysfunctional as it was, she met Jesus. She was the first person that He chose to tell that He was the Messiah.

Furthermore, the Samaritan woman was the first missionary of the Gospel. She was responsible for many other people trusting Jesus.

You can read the Samaritan Woman’s story in John 4:1-42.

Martha, an imperfect female Bible character

This dear lady was very hospitable but had a temper and was jealous when her sister was listening more to Jesus and not helping with dinner.

Hmmm. That doesn’t sound so bad compared to adultery, prostitution, or outright rebellion. Was she really an imperfect female Bible character?

However, we find in numerous places in scripture that envy, jealousy, and anger can be deadly. If not corrected, it will destroy us and others around us.

But Martha had some really great moments too.

When Martha’s brother died, she had enough faith to believe that Jesus could have healed him. She would also witness that Jesus had power over death when He brought Lazarus back to life.

You can read about Marth’s story in Luke 10:38-42, and John 11:1-45.

You too are imperfect

What about you? What is your story?

Do you identify with any of these not-so-perfect female Bible characters? Are any of their sins your sins too? Or maybe something else?

Photo of a caterpillar, cross and a butterfly, and the caption, "imperfect to I'm perfect" to represent imperfect female Bible characters.

Our past does not define us. What does is our willingness to confess sin and follow Jesus.

When we have faith in God through a relationship with Jesus Christ, God can use us, just like the imperfect female Bible characters above.

If you don’t know Jesus, you probably have questions. The people at Chat About Jesus have answers. You can text, call, or chat with them online any time of the day or night.

Here is a gift to remind you that although you are imperfect on your own, in Jesus you can say, “I’m Perfect”. This phone wallpaper is free to download. No email is required.

photo of a caterpillar, cross, and butterfly with the caption, "imperfect to I'm perfect."  This is a reminder that just like the imperfect female Bible characters, we too can find our perfection in Jesus.
2 Corinthians 5:17 phone wallpaper

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