5 Best Gifts for Grandparents’ Day

I remember my grandfather so vividly. He was a doctor by trade but an artist for fun. He made me some of the best treasures from wood, leather, or oil paint medium. Some I still have even though he has been gone for half a century.

You may wonder what are good gifts for grandparents’ day? Or what can I do? How can we honor our senior family members for their years of care and service to us?

Many elderly relatives are winding down, having done almost everything on their bucket lists, and often are downsizing their living arrangements as well as their possessions.

The 5 best gifts for grandparents’ day might surprise you. And at some point, some of these gifts will also serve as treasures when passed on to the younger generation.

Drumrole please …

Number 5 of best gifts for grandparents’ day

Photo of a maid standing in a gift box for best gifts for grandparents day

“At Your Service” or “Maid For A Day” can be a gift certificate voucher that you make. It is to offer your services in a fun way, at a later date. It could include any or all of the following:

  • cleaning bathrooms
  • washing windows
  • baking something to make the house smell yummy
  • throwing out expired foods in the fridge or cupboards
  • mowing the yard
  • running errands
  • Anything else that would be helpful

Be creative in making your voucher. Include a photo of yourself playing the role either in costume, or add your face to a graphic. When you show up to do these services, dress in costume if you are able.

Number 4 of best gifts for grandparents’ day

This gift for grandparen”s day is almost as good as the one in the number 3 position. Write a book about special grandparents.

No, really, I mean it. It is so simple with this fill-in-the-blank book, and it won’t break the bank either. At under $15, this book will be a treasure.

photo of the book, "I wrote a book about you", for gifts for grandparent's day.

“Filled with simple yet meaningful prompts and delightful illustrations, this book is a perfect way to offer a personal touch to any gift-giving occasion. Fill it out in under an hour for a gift that’s as wonderfully unique as your recipient.” M.H. Clark, creator of I Wrote A Book About You.

A couple of the “fill-in-the-blank” topics are,

  • “It’s kinda crazy how __________ you are. You don’t even have to try!”
  • “One of my favorite things about you is your _____________.”

Imagine the delight a grandparent will have reading all the special thoughts that you have for them. Even better would be reading it together. And once you leave for the day, grandparents can experience the joy over and over again.

Number 3 of best gifts for grandparents’ day

Something you make instead of something you buy is usually a treasured gift to any grandparent. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It’s taking the time to create something with them in mind that says “I love you.”

  • Make a family history book that includes your grandparents- with photos of everyone you can find. If you don’t have photos of everyone, include their name, birth date, things they liked to do, occupation, or anything that the grandparent would be interested in.
  • Ask grandparents for their favorite recipe and make that for the two of you to share.
  • Make Grandparents’ day cards instead of buying them.

Number 2 of best gifts for grandparents’ day

Falling closely on the heels of the number 1 best gift for grandparens’ day is a walk down memory lane. Because the elderly have lost so many friends and family, it often feels as if the link to the “good old days” is gone.

Bringing back some of those special memories can give immense joy to grandparents. Here are some ideas

  • Go through any photos that grandparents have and ask them to tell you the story that goes with it. If you can, do an audio recording of the stories. (These can later be played to help family and freinds remember grandparents when they are gone.)
  • Put together a photo album of times spent with grandparents. Include the dates, and what was special about the get-togethers.
  • Find out what the grandparents’ favorite movie was from the past and rent or buy it to watch together.

And the winner is …

The number 1 best gift for grandparens’ day is time spent with them.

So simple, isn’t it? Many older people feel lonely, isolated, and left behind. Yet they still need emotional connections to the ones they love.

In our busy schedules, taking time to go be with grandparents is a breath of fresh air for them. In fact, it is the best gift for any holiday, or for a “just because I love you” day.

Conversation topics that often brighten an older person’s life are:

  • What was it like when you were growing up?
  • Tell me about your first job.
  • How did you meet your sweetheart?
  • Tell me about your wedding?
  • What was a typical school day like for you as a child?
  • Tell me about some of your favorite childhood memories
  • What kind of games did you play when you were growing up?
  • How are things different today from when you were my age?

Final thoughts

The common denominator in all of the 5 best gifts for grandparents’ day is taking time to let them know they are special. Including memories are big on that list too.

Scripture says to honor our parents and grandparents. (Exodus 20:12) The 5 best gifts for grandparents’ day is a way to honor them.

“But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” James 1:22

Anything we can DO to encourage and reinforce the fact that grandparents are still needed, appreciated, loved, and respected are truly the best gifts we can give.

Nothing we buy can replace that.

If you are a grandparent, what else would have special meaning to you from your grandchildren? Please place those ideas in the comments.

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