365-Day Bible Reading Plan – A Roundup Of Printables

In the last few years, there has been an increase in Google searches for the phrase  “Printable Bible Reading Plan.”  Online daily readings became a lifeline to people during the world lockdowns. God’s Word was a huge emotional support as many felt so isolated. 

Now that the lockdowns are over, many people still appreciate the convenience of printable Bible reading plans. 

I want to offer you more than one 365-day Bible Reading plan ranging from 

  • super easy to very comprehensive
  • printable and non-printable
  • free and purchasable

Why 365-day Bible reading plans are important

We would never consider fasting from food unless it was planned for a specific purpose and for a specific period of time. 

But when it comes to Bible reading we should never be fasting.

Bible reading is the primary way that God speaks to us. God’s word is food for our souls. Without it, we can become spiritually sick and weak. 

Jesus said, “‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” Matthew 4:4 ESV

So a one-year plan assures that we get the spiritual nutrition that we desperately need. 

Types of 365-day Bible Reading Plans

There are a variety of Bible reading plans that will keep you on track for an entire year. 

Through the entire Bible in a year

Reading through the whole Bible in a year is what most people think of when they hear about a 365-day Bible reading plan. 

This is an ambitious undertaking and takes commitment to get through it all. Yet, it pushes a person to see the unique plan of Salvation that appears from cover to cover. 

The extremely popular “Bible Recap” plan is more than a list of Biblical passages to read. It includes commentary for every day that brings alive what you have read.

Bible Recap was used by people worldwide during the lockdown. It is a great way to get through the entire Bible in a year. However, If you have any kind of reading difficulties it might not be the best plan for you. 

The Old Testament in a year

As the title suggests, you read only Old Testament passages, completing them in 365 days.  

This is a little less ambitious plan and more manageable for a lot of people. 

Read The Hard Parts has done a nice job arranging the Old Testament into a 365-day reading plan that you can download and print. 

photo of the printable 365-day Bible reading plan from the Old Testament

The New Testament in a year

This type of plan goes through New Testament passages, completing them in 365 days. 

If you love the New Testament as I do, this kind of plan is super easy with only a few books that are difficult to understand. 

The Navigators has a nice plan called “5x5x5”. It is 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week, with 5 ways to dig deeper. 

photo of the printable 365-day Bible reading plan from the New Testament.

Chronological Bible reading plan 

The Bible is not arranged in Chronological order. Instead, it is grouped by similar types of books such as laws, poetry, wisdom literature, prophets, gospels, letters to the early churches, etc.

A Chronological program is a historical Bible reading plan. You jump from place to place to get the big picture of how life unfolded from generation to generation. For many people, this makes more sense. 

A couple of good plans that you can download come from:

Topical Bible reading plan

I have done the whole Bible in a year. But I think a topical Bible reading plan is my favorite. You still have daily Bible reading, but the topic changes from month to month. 

This type of plan gives you Bible verses on topics that address more about God’s character or situations that we want to be more grounded in.

Non-printable 365-day Bible reading plans

Many of the popular Bible websites have reading plans that you can follow on a phone app.

Some keep track of where you are in the plan and what comes next pops up on the appropriate day.

Some also will have an audio version you can listen to when you are driving, exercising, or washing dishes. 

Just type into their search box, “365-day Bible reading plans.”

365-day Bible reading plans that are printable

Many Christian websites have printable Bible reading plans in a PDF download format. 

Free plans

Right here at the Creators Classroom, you will find 24 different topical studies which cover a 2-year period of time. Take a quick look as they are PDF downloads and no email is required.

Several other websites offer topical Bible reading plans. You will find at least 12 different topics or more.

Purchasable plans 

If you are wanting more than a list of verses to look up and read, along with questions for reflection and personal application, then Daily Portion 365-days of Bible reading and reflection” is for you. It is in a journal format where you can write your answers to thought-provoking questions about what you have read. Here is what one reader has said about this topical Bible reading plan:

“I love the Daily Portion Bible reading journals! They have brought me closer to God each morning. Each day you get a verse to reflect on, a short devotional, and insightful questions to make you think and keep you engaged. These studies help me every day!” Michele L. Kelsey from Sharing Life and Love

If you are interested in this plan, comment and I will send you a discount code. We do not collect emails, but I will send the code to your inbox with no further communication.

Bible Recap has an excellent commentary that goes along with their free printable study plan.

photo of the printable Bible recap Bible reading plan.
365-day Bible reading plan – printable at theBibleRecap.com/start
photo of the purchasable Bible Recap commentary- a 365-day Bible reading plan.
The commentary from Bible Recap – available on Amazon

The Daily Grace Company has a booklet with 30-day, 90-day, and yearly Bible reading plans. They have a sale several times a year where all their books are 50% or more off the regular price.

Finally, Tyndale House Publishing has an actual “One Year Bible” arranged in chronological order. It is divided by dates starting January 1st and ending December 31st. You read each day some from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs.

You might also like to read “Bible Reading For Beginners.

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