Inspirational Christian Songs For Strength and Comfort

Encouraging Christian Songs are a breath of fresh air. I remember feeling down while driving the grandkids to school when a song came on the radio that grabbed me. It was just what I needed for that moment.

Has that ever happened to you?

The right music has a way of lifting our spirits and giving us the courage to keep moving forward even when we don’t feel like it.

How does music affect our brain and emotions?

Research has shown that listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory.” John Hopkins Medicine

When we listen to music, dopamine is released into our bloodstream, which in turn causes a sense of well-being and happiness.

Is it any wonder that Christian songs are a great source of encouragement?

With the effect of dopamine added to the Christian message of hope, we have ourselves a great combination. Gospel songs have the power to lift us emotionally like no other music. 

Encouraging Christian songs for hard times

What’s a good Christian song for someone going through hard times? When feeling beat down, discouraged, or ready to give up, we need something to lift our eyes to heaven.

(1) Weary Traveler

This is a great song that has encouraged me over and over.  It is a solace for us in tough times as there are brighter days ahead. It is a great reminder of God’s amazing grace.

Jesus said, “Come to me when you are weary and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28 (personal paraphrase)

Jordan St Cyr has captured this thought in his song Weary Traveler. Here are a few of the words:

“Weary traveler, restless soul, you were never meant to walk this road alone … it will all be worth it so just hold on … you won’t be weary long.”

Song: Weary Traveler

It is important to remember that while life can be hard, we have something greater waiting for us in heaven. “Weary Traveler” points that out.

(2) Almost Home

This song by Mercy Me helps us remember that this earth is only our temporary home. We are just traveling through.

Are you disappointed, are you desperate for help? … But don’t forget what lies ahead … we’re almost home … soon all of your burdens will be gone”

Song: Almost Home

(3) Cry Out To Jesus

The band, Third Day, sings about the following hard times.

  • Death of a loved one
  • Burdens and addictions
  • Loneliness
  • Being a widow

Their song reminds us that Jesus will meet us where we are. We don’t have to first get our life all together. Here are a few of the words:

“There is hope for the helpless, rest for the weary, love for the broken heart, grace and forgiveness … cry out to Jesus.”

Song: Cry Out To Jesus

Even in our darkest days, to receive God’s help we simply have to cry out to Him in the name of Jesus. 

(4) There Will Be A Day

Jeremy Camp sings this song. Here are some of the words.

” … many trials seem to never end … I hold onto this hope … There will be a day with no more tears, no more pain, no more fears …”

I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to that day and this thought has sustained me in the hard times that I have gone through. It is a beautiful song.

Song: There Will Be A Day

Encouraging Christian songs about healing

Many people have experienced emotional or physical brokenness, and need healing. Here are songs from Zach Williams, For King and Country, and Lauren Daigle with encouraging words.

(5) There was Jesus

Zach Williams is joined by Dolly Parton on the song, “There Was Jesus.” It is about the fact that when we know Jesus personally, He is with us every moment. We are not alone in whatever struggle we are going through.

“In the waiting, in the searching, in the healing, in the hurting, like a blessing buried in the broken pieces … even when I didn’t know it or couldn’t see it, there was Jesus … ”

Song: There Was Jesus

In our darkest moments, we have a good God.

(6) Shoulders

God has given us an amazing immune system that works with other parts of our body to help us heal. Because God created us this way, our healing comes from God. For King and Country has captured this well in their song, “Shoulders.

“My help comes from you, you’re right here pulling me through, I don’t have to see to believe that you’re lifting me up on your shoulders.”

Song: Shoulders

(7) Trust In You

Max Lucado once said, “Faith is not believing God will do what you want. Faith is believing God will do what is right.” This thought is echoed in Lauren Daigle’s song, “Trust In You.

Sometimes our prayers are not answered the way we think they should be. Are we willing to trust God even in those situations? Are we willing to believe that God’s grace is sufficient in those moments?

Even faithful Biblical characters had health issues to deal with. Paul the apostle prayed earnestly to have his ailment healed and the answer was no.

Here are some of the lyrics from Lauren’s song.

“No matter what I face, you’re by my side … When you don’t move the mountains I’m needing you to move … I will trust in you.”

Song: Trust In You

Encouraging Christian songs that comfort

When do people need comfort? Usually when they have experienced some kind of loss.

(8) Scares In Heaven

One of the more difficult moments in life is when someone we love has died. This song is a great source of comfort. 

Casting Crowns sings about how the scars we live with here on earth will no longer affect us when we are in heaven with Jesus. Here are some of the words from “Scars in Heaven“.

“The only scars in heaven won’t belong to me and you … no such thing as broken, and all the old will be made new.”

Song: Scars In Heaven

(9) Eye Of The Storm

When we lose people or things that are near and dear to us, it can feel like everything is out of control.

These situations are often called the storms of life. Ryan Stevenson points out that God is always near and holds us together. We have an awesome God.

Ryan wrote “Eye Of The Storm” after he lost his dad to cancer and his twins to miscarriage.

When the tears of pain and heartache are pouring down my face, I can hear the rain reminding me. In the eye of the storm, You remain in control … Your love surrounds me in the eye of the storm.”

Song: Eye Of The Storm

(10) Hills And Valleys

Whatever our lowest moments may be, we are not alone.

Tauren Wells sings about the valleys in life, as well as the mountain tops. With every step we take, God is with us.

“When I’m walking through the valley, I know I’m not alone. You’re the God of the hills and valleys.”

Song: Hills And Valleys

Christian Songs of hope and encouragement

Scripture says that without a vision of hope, people wither and die. (Proverbs 29:18). That might be physical but for sure emotional.

Even when life is relatively easy, we need to keep our vision of hope alive. We will need it in difficult times.

(11) God Of All My Days

The song, God of all my days, captures many life situations. Recorded by Casting Crowns, it talks about:

  • broken hearts
  • questions about life
  • running from God
  • failures
  • feeling weak and weary
  • worry

What great hope we have that God gives us answers, rest, healing, and so much more. Here are a few of the words:

Each step I take you make a way … my seasons change, you stay the same, you’re the God of all my days”

Song: God Of All My Days

(12) Do It Again

Elevation Worship recorded an encouraging song about the faithfulness of God in any situation we may face.

Sometimes we won’t understand God’s timing or His ways, but we can still be confident in His character. Here are a few of the words from “Do it Again”.

“You made a way when there was no way … Your promise still stands, great is your faithfulness. I’m still in your hands, this is my confidence, You’ve never failed me yet.”

Song: Do It Again

(13) Run To The Father

We all have burdens from time to time. The good thing is that God, our loving Father, wants us to go to Him with those burdens. Cody Carnes expresses it perfectly in “Run To The Father.”

“I’ve carried a burden for too long on my own. I wasn’t created to bear it alone … so I run to the father again and again and again …”

Song: Run To The Father

(14) Voice of Truth

This is another powerful song about personal struggle and the best way to fight the good fight against the enemy. 

Often we believe lies about ourselves. Casting Crowns reinforce the Scripture, “When you know the truth it will set you free.” (John 8:32).

The Voice Of Truth talks about how limited we are when we let our failures or circumstances hold us captive. We don’t have to listen to or believe the lies.

But the voice of truth tells me a different story … out of all the voices calling out to me, I will choose to listen and obey the voice of truth.”

Song: Voice Of Truth

The reason behind encouraging Christian songs

These songs are encouraging because at the heart of all of them is the hope that we have in Jesus Christ. That hope started with his death, burial, and resurrection.

(15) Glorious Day

We have hope because Jesus loved us enough to restore our relationship with God the Father. Our sins can be forgiven, and we look forward to that Glorius Day as sung by Casting Crowns.

Song: Glorius Day (Living He love Me)

This is contemporary Christian music combined with an old hymn that so many Christian artists do these days. It has a positive message with hope to have the joy of the Lord. 

If you don’t know Jesus, you probably have questions. The people at Chat About Jesus have answers. You can text, call, or chat with them online any time of the day or night.

Final thoughts

Music combined with the hope found in Jesus is a powerful remedy when we need our spirits lifted.

Take a listen to some of this good music. Some of these songs should help you in your time of need.

Do you have some favorite Christian songs that are not listed here, songs that remind us of God’s love?

Maybe it is a new song since this was written. Maybe it is worship music. Whatever it is, will you drop it in the comments?

We need to share inspiring Christian songs with each other. You never know what God will use to speak to someone else’s heart. 

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