Best Christian Journal Prompts For Spiritual Growth

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I remember over 10 years ago when I had to flee my home, knowing that life would never be the same again. I gathered as much as I could in an hour and a half to throw in the back of a truck.

One thing I made sure that I had was my journal. For the difficult situations I was facing, it was a starting point in my healing process as well as a deeper relationship with God. 

As the trip was made across several states, I recorded all the ways that God was providing for this unknown Christian journey into the future. Today when I look back, I can see God’s help every day in many different ways.

At the time, my journal was more of a diary. It really would have helped if I could have had Christian journal prompts. It would have been a more powerful tool. I could have expanded more on what I was feeling, what God was teaching me, and how He was leading me.

I know that some readers feel intimidated at the thought of keeping a journal. You might be one of them. Are you wondering:

  • How does journaling help spirituality?
  • What should I write in my spiritual journal?
  • Are there journal prompts for spiritual growth because I draw a blank most of the time?

That is kind of where I was 10 years ago. I have learned so much since then and am excited to share it with you.

How spiritual journaling prompts will benefit you

There are many benefits to Christian journaling. It is a great tool for one’s spiritual growth.

Not only does it help you record your thoughts today, but it also is a great way to enrich your quiet time down the road. It becomes a reminder of where you have been and how far you have come in your Christian walk.

Additionally, when you have Christian writing prompts, your daily journaling will be rich in kingdom treasures and thoughts.

You will find that some of your journal entries will be a springboard for conversation among one or two friends who love Jesus. It is an example of “iron sharpening iron”, (Proverbs 27:17). The New Testament commands us to encourage each other in spiritual growth, (Hebrews 10:24).

Journals can also be a wonderful memento for your family someday.

  • Children, grandchildren, and spouses can learn so much about your challenges and victories.
  • Your family will benefit from the spiritual things you learned in this life.

Never underestimate the value of a journal. It can be a priceless gift to your family and friends.

What should I write in my spiritual journal?

This question trips up some people. Some think it is intimidating or just too hard a task.

Let me assure you that with Christian journal prompts, this daunting exercise can be elevated to a joyous daily activity.

Some people stick to very basic writing in their spiritual journals. Others who are artistic draw diagrams and illustrations, as well as color-code their entries.

There really is no right or wrong way to keep a spiritual journal. Furthermore, you really can’t be too basic or too elaborate in your approach.

So let your personality and imagination be your guide. Either way, journaling is a wonderful way to experience God’s love as you begin to see His faithfulness in different areas of your life.   

100 thought-provoking Christian journal prompts for spiritual growth

Journal prompts are simply questions that get you to think a little deeper about what is going on in your life.

Without them, you could miss a profound spiritual truth because you only see what is on the surface. So here they are, questions to help you explore your life with Jesus.

** Please note that it is not intended for you to answer all of a section’s prompts in a single day. These are simply suggestions that you can use to help guide your writing.

If you only answer one prompt and make only one journal entry, that’s ok. Don’t feel pressure to be an overachiever. It is better to answer fewer prompts and be thorough. Your journaling time will be richer and deeper that way.**

Christian journaling prompts for spiritual growth in my daily routines

photo of a to do list

When was the last time you made a journal entry about your daily routine? People often think only the exciting things are journal worthy.

But what we do in our everyday lives is where we need to focus as we go from a bad mood and the noise of the world to new insights into our faith journey.

Journaling is where we can get real. It is kind of like a “full disclosure” to ourselves and God as to how we are really doing. 

Some people are fans of morning journaling. They want to start their day with God’s blessings by reading God’s word and reflecting on it in a written way. 

Others like to journal before they go to bed. They like to reflect on God’s faithfulness throughout their day. 

You will find prompts for both times of the day, as well as for various activities in your daily life.

  1. My plans for today are ____________ On a scale of 1-10, how open am I to let God change my plans?
  2. My priorities are ____________ Am I making time for them? If not, what do I need to drop out of my schedule?
  3. The one thing that I can do today to be more like Jesus is ____________
  4. I feel good about what I accomplished today because ____________
  5. I wish I could have ____________ today because ___________
  6. The best part of today was ____________ because __________ and this is how I think God feels about it __________
  7. The worst part of today was __________ because _________ and this is how I think God feels about it _____________
  8. I saw God working in my life today when ______________
  9. Today I am grateful for _____________
  10. A blessing that happened today is ___________
  11. If I could do it over, this is what I would do differently___________
  12. God was my refuge and strength today when ___________
  13. Today I learned ___________ and I can use it in the following ways _________
  14. Today I have to __________ but I would rather ____________
  15. Ways that Jesus has changed me into a new creation in Him is _________
  16. This was a time when I really messed up, but God forgave me _________

Christian journal prompts about my feelings

photo of three emojis- smiley face, frowning face, and one inbetween. This is for Christian journal prompts about our feelings.

  1. I feel really good about ___________ I would describe my feelings as _________ (for example- happy, excited, satisfied, joyful, etc). This is how I can thank God for it.
  2. I am really disappointed about __________ Scripture that I can apply to this situation is ________
  3. I feel hurt because ___________ Scripture that I can apply to this situation is __________
  4. I wish I could forgive __________ but instead, I feel __________ Scripture that I can apply to this situation is ____________
  5. I feel lonely because _____________ Scripture that I can apply to this situation is __________
  6. I was upset about _________ and this is how I responded. What does this show me about my heart?
  7. My actions this week did or did not prove that I am content with where God has placed me in life.
  8. I have found joy in this Christian song __________ and the words are __________
  9. I feel self-righteous about ___________ I know it is wrong to be judgemental and this is what I can do to change that _________
  10. This is what I am excited about __________
  11. I am feeling overwhelmed by __________ What God wants me to remember is ________
  12. Bible verses that make me feel strong and courageous are _________
  13. My past doesn’t define who I am because ________
  14. My fears were proven wrong when _______
  15. I can demonstrate love for others by ________
  16. I am more than adequate because God says _________
  17. My negative self-talk lately has been about __________ This is what God says about it ________
  18. My fears and worries are not realistic because ________
  19. Things that God has helped me not worry about anymore are _________
  20. Things that feel impossible in my life are _________ This is what God says about impossible _________

Christian journal prompts about my response to current events

Photo of a "breaking news" TV graphic to represent

  1. ____________scares me. Instead, God wants me think about ________ and remember that _________
  2. If ___________ was happening to me, this is how I would feel ________ I will pray for them this way _________
  3. This law angers me. God wants me to remember that __________
  4. The attribute of God that helps me most when ____________ happens is _________
  5. I believe God is trying to get my attention through ____________
  6. A time in my life when God rescued me was ___________ Do I believe He can do it again?
  7. God turned a bad situation into something good by __________
  8. I find it hard to apologize and this is why I think it is so hard.
  9. There are a few things that I need to let go of and they are _________
  10. What I can control about my life is __________

Journal prompts about my reading of the Word of God

photo of an open Bible and a cup of coffee
  1. I am glad I read my bible today because ____________
  2. What is God teaching me through my Bible reading?
  3. What does this Scripture tell me about God?
  4. What does this Scripture tell me about myself?
  5. Is this a Scripture that I need to memorize? Why?
  6. The Scripture that brings me hope is ___________ because ___________
  7. In what way does this Scripture show me how to be a light in a dark world?
  8. I believe that God is asking me to __________ from this Scripture passage
  9. The Bible character that I would like to be more like is ________ because ________
  10. This Bible passage make me feel_________
  11. How can I praise God based on this Bible passage?
  12. These Bible verses will help me encourage others who ____________
  13. How did God use this person? How does it apply to me?
  14. What do these verses tell me about my worth to God?
  15. How do these Bible verses bring peace to me?
  16. These verses bring me closer to God because ____________
  17. This Scripture warns me about ____________
  18. I don’t understand __________
  19. This verse has special meaning to me because ___________
  20. I love to read my Bible when ___________
  21. I have a hard time reading my Bible when _________

Journal prompts about my prayer requests

photo of a woman praying about her Christian journal prompts
  1. Who is God prompting me to pray for today?
  2. Lord, my biggest struggle today is _________
  3. Who do I need help forgiving because I am holding a grudge against them?
  4. What fruits of the Spirit do I need to ask for help in?
  5. I prayed for ____________ on __________ This is how that situation turned out.
  6. I have trouble praying because ______________
  7. A decision that I need to pray about is _____________
  8. If I were to write a prayer to God thanking Him for the Scripture I read today, this is what I would say ____________
  9. Lord, I love you because __________
  10. I didn’t expect God’s answer to my prayer to be _______________

Journal prompts about my dreams, wishes, and relationships

  1. I think I am placing my identity in ___________ (person or thing) instead of God.
  2. Steps of obedience to God that I have been avoiding are ___________
  3. One person I can serve is ___________ and this is how I will do it __________
  4. The next step in my spiritual growth should be ___________
  5. This is what God is calling me to focus on in the next 6 months to a year.
  6. The area of my life where I need to seek God’s guidance is ____________
  7. I feel God’s presence the most when __________
  8. This is what I can do when I don’t feel God’s presence__________
  9. I could serve God better by __________
  10. I believe that God is asking me to change __________
  11. This is what I love most about my church family ___________
  12. I feel a tug at my heart to serve God in a different way by doing ____________ I will talk to __________ about this desire and what preparation I might need.
  13. My personal dreams include ___________
  14. The things I love most about my life are __________
  15. The most important people in my life are __________ because __________
  16. One area that I need to improve upon is ________
  17. I can better handle my spare time by doing _________
  18. To be a better listener, I need to _________
  19. If there is one thing I could say to _________ it would be _________
  20. One thing that I want to learn and become proficient in is __________
  21. The people that I consider my support system are _________ because _________
  22. I want to be remembered by my loved ones for/as __________
  23. This is what I could improve in my relationship with others ___________

Final thoughts and a gift

Keeping a journal has so many benefits. The problem is that many individuals don’t know what to write. That is why these Christian journal prompts were created.

We can journal about all aspects of our lives. These include our daily routines, feelings, responses to current events, Bible reading, prayer life, dreams, wishes, and relationships.

I suppose the sky is the limit if our focus and desires are to grow in our relationship with God our Creator. This world is His Classroom and He has many lessons that He wants to teach us. 

As time goes by and with practice, you will have a rhythm and writing style that leads to God-given prompts that are just for you. These kinds of prompts are the best kind. Here’s to journaling!

photo of the PDF giveaway of 100 Christian journal prompts
100 Christian journal prompts for spiritual growth

Thank you for visiting the Creator’s Classroom. Above is your free gift with all 100 Christian journal prompts in a PDF format.

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