Having Peace OF Mind During Politics Of Fear

** This article does not contain support for any political party. ** Was Jesus a Democrat or Republican? Was He a liberal or a conservative? Was He for free speech or total censorship? These are questions that many people would like answers to, especially if Jesus would be on their side of the political fence. When elections approach, many individuals become anxious. What are you to do when things look shaky? How can you have peace of mind during politics of fear?

How To Find Joy After Pain & Hurt

Incubators are marvelous devices. They perform magic as they provide heat to fertilized eggs which hatch into fuzzy babies. As “eggciting” as it is to see the babies emerge, that magic requires a great amount of struggle. There is a lesson to be found in a young bird’s journey to the outside world. We may struggle too, but we can find joy after pain and hurt.

Overcoming Fear In A World Of Uncertainty

Many current events have triggered fear in the core of my being. I remember a presidential election when I was in junior high school. The winner was not my parent’s choice. I feared that we were doomed and evil would take over the world. Later down the road when Mt. St. Helens erupted, some people …

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